Pendahr Blues Brother

Deleier/ co-owner Bente Bugge-Erlingsen

  • "Chianti"

    Photos Kicki Sandell

Chianti won Open class and his 2nd CAC at the Norwegian Whippet spec. show August 2017 under breeder Judge Molly Head (Demerlay), GB. He was also best male 4 in very strong competition. This is the judge's comment from the show: 

Open dog. 1st Pendahr Blues Brother.  Loved this blue dog, shown in gleaming condition. He stands over a lot of ground with a masculine head and expression, and a curvy, well balanced outline. Lovely length of neck, excellent layback of shoulder with good return of upper arm, deep brisket and good tuck up with powerful hindquarters which he really uses on the move. He has a long, low, ground covering stride.

Chianti is not shown very much until now, but still he has another 2 x res.CAC under breed specialists. 

Chianti won Best male, BOS/ CAC from jr.class in very strong competition at NKK Int. Lillehammer, Aug. 2016. Judge Joan Goldstein, USA. Unfortunatly he was too young for the CACIB.

Chianti 11 måneder gammel.
Chianti 11 months old.