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Litter 22. July 24th 2022 (3+2)

NO S CH Play A While Bang Bit För Bit x NO SE DK CH Pendahr Prudence

Pendahr: Day Tripper, Dig It, Doctor Robert, Dear Prudence, Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Litter 21. April 15th 2022 (1+0)

C.I.B. CH Adagio Shimmering Blue x Pendahr Portia

Pendahr Easter Sir Price

Litter 20. June 30th 2021 (4+3)

N S CH Oscarberg Chillastic x Pendahr Pomp And Charity

Pendahr Pearl Diver, Pendahr Pearl Dealer, Pendahr Pearl Jam, Pendahr Pearl Dragon, Pendahr Pearl, Pendahr Pearls On a String, Pendahr Pearl Shimmer

19. October 5th 2020 (1+1)

N S CH Oscarberg Chillastic x Pendahr Shadow In The Palace

Pendahr Mr.Nelson, Pendahr Pernille

18. July 10th 2019 (1+4) "Whiskey coctails litter"

US CH US GR CH Pinnacle Tennessee Whiskey x Pendahr Portia

Pendahr: On The Rocks, Manhattan Perfect, The Other Fashion, Cartusian Sazerac, Forbidden Fruit

17. Sept. 4th 2018 (1+0)

Siprex Thomas x Pendahr Shadow In The Palace

Pendahr Steely Dan

16. Aug. 15th 2018 (2+2) "Pomp Litter"

INT.NORD.CH Librium's Quiet On The Set  x N CH N VCH Pendahr Wears Prada (A.I.)

Pendahr: Pomp And Celebrity, Pomp And Ceremony, Pomp And Charity (2xCAC), Pomp And Circumstance (2xCAC)

15. Nov. 5th 2016 (5+4) "British Names Litter"

C.I.B. SE N DK FI NORD CH NW-12 SE W-12 Twyborn Big Ben x   N DK CH NV CH Pendahr P.O.S.H. 

Pendahr: Pernel, Paisley, C.I.B. IS CH Preston, Porter, Parker (2x CAC), Patience, Portia (CAC), N DK S CH Prudence, Paris (2xCAC)

14.  July 2015 (2+2) "The Movie Litter"

Multi CH Snow Hill Dakota Bad Sneakers x Pendahr Wears Prada

Pendahr: Cinema Paradiso(cert/ cac), Blues Brother (cert/cac), Steel Magnolia, Shadow In The Palace (cert LC/ cac LC/ cacil)

13.   Oct. 3rd 2014 (3+4) "The Series Litter"
S DK CH Play a While Nokia x N DK CH Pendahr P.O.S.H.

Pendahr: Boardwalk Empire (res.CAC), N CH NJV-15 House Of Cards, Merlin's Apprentice, Big Bang Theory, N CH Heartbeat, Return To Cranford, The Bletchley Circle

12.  2013 (4 + 3) "The Brand Litter"

Khalibadh Vintermåne (cert)  x NO DK CH Pendahr P.O.S.H.

Pendahr:  Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul, C.I.B. FI EE CH JWW-14 Fred Perry (JWW 2014/BOB), C.I.B. N DK SE CH NV-14 Puttin On The Ritz (5xCACIB, BOB & BOS winner), FI EE CH HjW-13 Vanity Fair,  Philippa K , N CH NV CH Wears Prada (2 res.CACIB, BOB)

11.  2011 (2 + 6) "The Wild/ Lily Litter"
SBIS N CH Librium's Wild Thing x
Pendahr Shades Of Purples (2 cert, 3 res. cert/ CC)

Pendahr: Wild Wizard, Wild West, Tiger Lily, Lily Vanilli, Sweet Surrender Lily, Limelight Lily, Lily For A Lady, Midnight Lily

10.  2010   (2 + 3) "The London Litter"

Xploring Xmas Cracker  (1 cert/ CC)   x
Pendahr Deep Purple 
 (3 cert, 4 res. cert/ CC)  

Pendahr: Portobello (2 cert, 3 cert LC), Paddington (3 cert, 1 res cacib), Pimlico, Primrose Hill (1 cert), Paradise Walk (res.cert)

9.  2009   (0 + 2)
N CH Utzon's Admiral Von Schneider   x
Emanatio's Dancing With Pendahr
(7 res.cert, 1 lc cert/ cacil)

Pendahr: N CH Hellzapoppin, N DK CH NV CH P.O.S.H.

8.  2007   (2 + 3) "The Purple Litter"
NS CH Barnesmore Tiger Orchid   x
Librium's Undercover Angel

Pendahr: Purple Rain, Purple Haze, NV CH Shades Of Purple (2 cert) , Sensation Purple, N VCH Deep Purple (3 cert)

7. 1994   (0 + 1)
N CH Brennas Bellmann   x
Pendahr Fair Play  
(1 cert/ CC)

N CH Pendahr Pret A Porter

6.  1990   (2 + 3) "The Play Litter"
INT AUST CH Rothbury Bonecrusher   x
N CH Muddler's Play-Pen'dahr

Pendahr: Play It Cool, N CH Play The Trump, Fair Play (1 cert), High Play, Playful

5.  1989  ( 0 + 2) "The Fabric Litter"
INT NORD CH Wellnigh Norseman of Dondelayo   x
NS CH Pendahr Penelope

Pendahr: Pop-Lynn, Polly-Ester

4.  1988 (0 + 1)
N CH Brennas Speedy   x
NS CH Pendahr Penelope

N CH Muddler's Play-Pen'dahr (Muddler's = Hannes old prefix)

3.  1986 (2 + 1) "The Music Litter"
Con Moto Figaro   x
NS CH Pendahr Penelope

Muddler's: Int Ch Manhattan Transfer, Manfred Man, Madonna
(Muddler's = Hannes old prefix)

2.  1986 (2 + 2) "The On/ No Litter"
Handsome Hurricane Love (1 cert/ CC)    x
NS CH Red Brindle Blanche

Pendahr: N CH On Parade, On Purpose, N CH No Problem, No Point

1.  1984 ( 3 + 
3) "The First Litter" 

NS CH Brennas Sivert   x
NS CH Red Brindle Blanche

Pendahr: N CH Pickpocket, N CH Pedestrian, Pure Chickory, NS CH Penelope, Pianissimo, One Trick Pony