News 2021

Puppies born 30. June 2021

4 males and 3 females in lovely colours are born! 🤩 Parents are the handsome N S CH Oscarberg Chillastic - "Elmer" and Pendahr Pomp And Charity - "Embla" . The litter is born in Kristiansand by Katrine. Enquiries welcome.

The males.

The females.



No puppies

Unfortunatly there were no puppies from the combination Play A While Bang Bit För Bit x N S DK CH Pendahr Prudence. Better luck next time! 

Enquiries welcome.                                                                                                          

News 2020

Welcome Katrine!

We have invited Katrine Hodne to join our small kennel from October 2020. Katrine is the owner of N S DK CH Pendahr Prudence and Pendahr Pomp And Charity and has become a very good friend. Katrine is a talented handler and dog owner and we all look forward to share our dedication for the breed and lots of fun of course!

Katrine pictured with Pendahr Pomp And Charity.

Photo Kristin Hoff

Puppies born

1 black brindle male and 1 blue female puppy were born Oct. 5th. Parents are N S CH Oscarberg Chillastic and Pendahr Shadow In The Palace. More info under litter 19 in the menu.

New family member

Fender's daughter "Zelda" - Diva-Or-Tel's Fender Starcaster - has joined the family this October, 6 weeks in the picture. Mother is Ch Courtborne Aprilia. Zelda is bred by Tove Vordal.

News 2019

Puppies expected

NB! Updates under litter 18.

We are looking forward to "Tia's" first litter in the beginning of July

Tia is Pendahr Portia. She is occasionally shown until now, but is a CAC, BOS and BIS 2 junior winner so far. Picture by Anna Szabo

New Danish and Swedish Champion

N CH Pendahr Prudence was Best female/ BOS/ CAC/ Nordic CAC at DKK Vejen in June. This made her DK CH. Judge T. Hehir. She won Champion class 3 days in a row and was 3.Best female day two. Here showing her lovely outline from the day she won her new title.

Photo Koska Pikka

"Luna" won her Swedish title under breed spec. judge Diane Stewart-Ritchie, going BOB/ Nordic CAC and BOG 3 July 2019.

Pendahr Pomp And Charity won the jr.class/ jr.CAC at the same show in Vejen, Denmark. "Embla" did very well at these shows with lovely critiques and placements in jr.class/ 2x ccq.

"Luna" and "Embla" are owned and shown by Katrine Hodne

"Gibson" Best Of Breed

09.06.19 Our very young Canadian import Forgetmenot Hot Blue Steel went all the way from jr.class to BOB/ CAC at the Norwegian Sighthound Club Show under respected breeder-judge Lynn Yacoby-Wright, Cobyco UK. What a day!

At the age of 14 months "Gibson" still needs plenty of time to mature, but what a boost this was - see you next year! Gibson is bred by Joanne Boudreault.

Best In Show 2

In Iceland 08.06.19  #1 whippet 2018 RW-19 ISJCh ISCH Pendahr Preston continues his lovely show career. Among 800 dogs he ended BIS 2! Preston is lovely handled and owned by Selma Olsen kennel Eldþoku. So proud of you!

Breed/ BIS judge Birgitta Svarstad's comments: "Very nice! HIgh quality. Lovely head and expression. Good underjaw. Neat ears. Beautiful neck and topline.EX body. Good croup and well ang. behind. Very nice feet. A true mover all around. Quality dog."

New CAC winner

Our very young Pendahr Pomp And Circumstance really did well at the Norwegian Greyhound club Show June 2019. Only 9 months old she won junior class and ended 3. Best female/ CAC under judge Vittorio Passerino, IT.

In May she won 1. prize at her very first blood scenting competition. Clever girl! "Saga" is co-owned and shown by Anne Manvik.

Photo Heidi Dubourgh Pedersen

"Sagas" litter brother "Cocos" also made his debut in jr. class in June. At The Norwegian Whippet Club Spec. Show he was EX 4/12 and at The Sighthound Club Show he was EX 3/6. "Cocos" is Pendahr Pomp And Ceremony owned by Kirsti Ullsfoss.

We are so pleased with the youngsters from this litter!

3 x BIS 2 veteran

N DK CH N VCH Pendahr P.O.S.H. has several lovely placements as a veteran this year. 9,5 years old she has won 3 x BIS 2 and 1 x BIS 4 in very strong competition. Pictured here at NKK Int. show June 2019. One week later she achieved the same results at the Norwegian Sighthound Club Show both days. She was also 2. Best female and 4. Best Female at these shows. Way to go little lady!

Prudence new Champion

Pendahr Prudence won her Norwegian Champion title March 16th under sighthound judge Diane Stewart-Ritchie at NKK Int. show, Kristiansand. This is Posha's champion offspring number 8! "Luna" is owned and loved by Katrine Hodne. 

Photo Heidi Dubourgh Pedersen

At NKK Int. Show in Kristiansand March 16th  N DK CH N VCH Pendahr P.O.S.H. was BIS 4 veteran in strong competition. BIS judge Arne Foss.

News 2018

Preston new Champion

Great news from Iceland: Pendahr Preston has won his champion title! He is now ISJCH ISCH NLM CH. According to the Sighthound club he is top whippet in Iceland 2018.They count score differently than the IKC where he is #1 male. Preston also sired some promising puppies during the year. He is owned and loved by Selma Olsen.

Puppies born 2/ Valper født 2

One blue male born 4th September. Proud parents are Siprex Thomas (cac winnner) and Pendahr Shadow In The Palace (LC cac/ cacil, ccq from show). Link to pedigree:

Puppies born 1/ Valper født 1

Puppies born 15th August from a unique combination.

2 males and 2 females, all puppies are reserved. Sire is our late Int.Nord.Ch Librium's Quiet On The Set who left us in 2013. Dam is N CH NV CH Pendahr Wears Prada from the one and only litter out of Khalibadh Vintermåne. This is a result of artificial insemination with frozen semen. Pedegree and more pictures in the link below:

New family member from USA

We welcome Forgetmenot Hot Blue Steel aka "Gibson" as a new member of the family! This lovely and gentle fellow is bred by Joanne Boudreault kennel Forgetmenot, Canada/ USA and moved in with us in July 2018.

News 2017

14 cacs won by 12 different Pendahr dogs in 2017.

Looking back we realise that 2017 has been a fantastic year for our breeding. Despite of moderate showing dogs with the Pendahr prefix have achieved wonderful results:

2 x C.I.B. titles: FI EE LV CH JWW-14 Pendahr Fred Perry and litterbrother N S DK CH NV-14 Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz

5 x new National CH titles in 3 different countries: N CH Pendahr House of Cards, N CH Pendahr Heartbeat, N CH Pendahr Wears Prada, EE CH Pendahr Vanity Fair, LV CH Pendahr Fred Perry

                                                                Pictured is beatiful FI EE CH Pendahr Vanity Fair owned by kennel Besties, Finland. Photo Katariina Rauko

In addition to these five cac winners the following six have won 8 cacs from the show ring: Pendahr Blues Brother, Pendahr Cinema Paradiso, Pendahr Paris, Pendahr Portia, Pendahr Preston (2 x cac Island), Pendahr Parker (2 x cac)

In the LC field Pendahr Shadow In The Palace won cac and CACIL on her very first start.

A huge thank to all our puppy buyers and friends who keep their dogs in top condition and contribute to so much fun and celebrations during the year. You will find most of the highligts listed below.

A tribute to the One and Only

N DK CH NV CH Pendahr P.O.S.H is the mother of 6 champions and 4 cac winners from three different litters so far. There are several champions and cac winners among her grandchildren. We just love this little lady! She will make her debut in veteran classes during 2018.

Pendahr Portia BIS 2 junior

"Tia" won Best bitch/ BOS/ CAC/ BIS 2 junior at a National dog show in Letohallen, Norway 11th  November. Pendahr Blues Brother was 2.Best dog/ res.CAC. Judge was Arvid Göranson. BIS judge was Arne Foss.The day after, sister Pendahr Prudence won her 2nd res.CAC. Photo Katrine Hodne

Tia is the 4th offspring from the combination Kenzo x Posha winning CAC at an age of 1 year. Brother Pendahr Parker won his 2nd CAC/ BD 4 at a National Show in October.

Pendahr Preston BIS junior in Iceland

26.11. Int. Show judge: Gerald Jipping
Pendahr Preston best male again (only 12 months), BOS/ cac/ BOB junior with ISJCh. Preston ended the weekend winning BIS junior in very strong competition! Owner Selma Olsen

Photo Selma Olsen

Int. Lure Coursing Trial 23.09.17

Pendahr Shadow in The Palace - Daisy - won lc CAC/ CACIL and was best whippet at her very first International lc competition. This is so fun as her great grandmother was best whippet, cac, cacil  ten years ago at the same competition. Owners Pendahr & Anne-Lene Dahl.

New CAC winners

The youngsters are doing very well at shows. 

Pendahr Preston had a lovely debut in the ring in Iceland. He won best male, BOS/ CAC from junior class at an in Reykjavik 16.09. Judge Inga Sill. Owner Selma Olsen

Photo Selma Olsen

Pendahr Parker made his debut in jr.class winning CAC at NKK. Int. Lillehammer 19.08. Sister Pendahr Paris won CAC at NKK.Int. Rogaland 09.09. from her 3rd start in jr.class. Here pictured from puppy class, "Dora" going BOB and "Kaztor" BOS short within their debut in junior. Dora's owners are Ann-Helen Norlin and Connie Krokvik. Kaztor is owned by Åsfrid Bekkevold.

Photo Connie Krokvik

Preston, Kaztor and Dora are from the combination CH Twyborn Big Ben x CH Pendahr P.O.S.H. Sister Portia is also shown with ccq from junior classes.

Norwegian Whippet Specialty, August

Pendahr Blues Brother won his 2nd CAC under judge Molly Head (Demerlay), GB in very strong competition. He was also 4th best male. Owner Bente Bugge-Erlingsen & Pendahr

SKK Int. Ransäter July 2017

Fender won another Best Male, BOS, CACIB under judge Karl-Erik Johansson. BOB was CH Sobresalto XXX.

Photo Per Afzelius

SW Tånga Hed June 2017

At Swedish Whippet Club's Specialty show N SE DK CH NV-14 Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz was best male/ BOS under respected breeder judge Felicity Thompson (Barnesmore), Irl. He got the most wonderful critique! BOB was Mibisan's Miss Sweet Charity. 

Photo Per Afzelius

Pendahr Parker was BOB and Best In Show puppy at Swedish Sighthound Club show the same weekend. Judge Henrik Skog. He was so clever in the ring! "Kaztor" is from the combination CH Twyborn Big Ben x CH Pendahr P.O.S.H. Owner Åsfrid Bekkevold. What a weekend for us!

Norwegian Sighthound Club June 2017

N SE DK CH NV-14 Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz won best male/ BOS under judge Jennifer Dove, GB on Saturday. Sunday he was 2nd Best male under Roberto Posa. Unfortunatly we have no pictures from the show.

Pendahr was BIS 2 breeder out of four groups.

In April Fender won his last and qualifying CACIB at DKK Int. Roskilde under spec. judge Åge Gjetnes. We are pending his C.I.B. title - i.e. International Champion.

Photo Per Afzelius from Tånga Hed later in June.

Pendahr Cinema Paradiso (CH Snow Hill Dakota Bad Sneakers x CH Pendahr Wears Prada) won CAC/ best male 3 under judge Roberto Posa. Owner Anita Martinsen Weirud

His brother Pendahr Blues Brother was best male 4/ res.CAC. Way to go, boys!

New Champion 8

N CH Pendahr Wears Prada won her title at NKK Int. Trondheim July 2017 under judge Rodi Hübenthal. "Spooky" is Posha's 6th champion offspring and the fourt from her litter under Khalibadh Vintermåne. Owners Pendahr.

Photo Randi Juliussen

New Champion 7

Fender's beautiful daughter "Tirha" won her Swedish and Finnish titles during this summer. SE FI CH Play A While Roseland is from his first litter with Ch Play A While Bang. Tirha has some nice placements and several BOB/ group placements. Owner Inger Andersson, Sweden.

Photo Inger Andersson

New Champion 6

C.I.B. FI & EE & LV Ch JWW-14, LVW-17 Pendahr Fred Perry (Khalibadh Vintermåne x Pendahr P.O.S.H.) won his LV Ch title at Riga INT 11.6.2017. He also won his last and qualifying CACIB for his International Champion title. He was also BOB. "Bali" is owned by Anita Sandqvist, Finland. He was shown by Timo Aalto and Anita. 

Photo Hannu Kervinen

New Champion 5

N CH Siprex Ramona won her title in April 2017. This beautiful girl is a daughter of "Fender" - Ch Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz and Ch Siprex Belle. She is Fender's first daughter to become a champion so far. 

Photo Randi Juliussen

New Champion 4

N CH NJV-15 Pendahr House Of Cards  won his title at a National Show 15.01.17. the day after his litter sister Lykke. "Pollux" is owned by Åsfrid Bekkevold. What a flying start of 2017!

New Champion 3

N CH Pendahr Heartbeat won her title at a National Show 14.01.17. "Lykke" is owned by Pendahr & Siriane Karlsen.

The picture was taken at NKK Int. Lillehammer when she won her 2nd cac.

New Champion 2

HJW-14 FI CH Pendahr Vanity Fair won her Estonian Champion title in January 2017. Huge congratulations to owner Mari Kääriäinen, Finland. Photo Ida Takala form an other show.

New Champion 1

N SE DK CH NV-14 Pendahr Puttin On The Ritz was shown only 4 times in Norway 2016. Still he ended #9 due to some strong placements at Specialty shows. He was shown in Sweden a few times resulting in his SE CH title and 2 x cacib.

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